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How to Protect Your New Business Operation from Risk

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If you want to change the world by bringing your own product or service to the marketplace, then you may be excited at the prospects ahead. After all, you may have identified your offering as unique or special and your market research indicates that it is likely to find a lot of favour. As part of your preparations, you will need to employ some staff and may need to open a shop or other facility in order to welcome your clientele. You will, however, have to make sure that you are as protected as possible from a myriad of risks, and in this case, you will need to have a good insurance plan in place. But what do you need to consider?

Workers Compensation

As you may know, you are required to have workers compensation insurance in place if you have any staff on your books. This will cover them in the event of an unfortunate accident and will mean that you are not significantly out-of-pocket due to that type of risk.

Public Liability

You will also need to have liability insurance in place to protect any third party who comes into contact with your operation. This will cover people who may visit your premises and may be unfortunate enough to fall over while they are there. It will also protect you, should you damage the property of any customer while it is in your possession and as part of your business operation.

Professional Indemnity

You may also want to consider professional indemnity insurance, and this is one area that many new business owners often forget. It may be particularly important if you are providing a service of some kind, which may involve the delivery of advice.

You or one of the members of your staff may make a mistake or give incomplete or incorrect advice, and the customer may suffer some damage as a result of this. They may take (or fail to take) action, and this may cause them financial or other loss that may be a consequence of your advice or support. In this case, they may seek a claim against you, and your professional indemnity insurance would step up to the plate.

Other Factors

Some professional bodies or regulatory authorities require business owners in their area to carry this type of indemnity coverage. However, it is not generally compulsory, although it may often be a good idea, and it is well worth you considering your exposure without it. You may also come across the requirement to have this type of insurance in a new client contract, and you should be ready to accept such a contract with this type of clause.

Getting Advice

Find out what level of coverage you could get before you open your doors to the public and talk to insurance brokers about your plans. They will help you to put in place the right type of insurance so that you can go forward with confidence and truly change the world.

For more information, contact a company that offers business insurance.