Making a Claim Effectively and Other Insurance Tips

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Why Risk Is Everywhere – and How to Protect Yourself Against It

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If you’ve always wanted to be a small business owner, there has never been a better time to do so, as an increasing number of Australians are riding the entrepreneurial wave and making a good income for themselves as they do so. This can be an exciting proposition and especially if you have something unusual to sell in the form of a product or service, but you have to make sure that you are prepared for anything and cover yourself against all risks. Read More»

Construction Insurance: Understanding Common Exclusion Issues

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There are numerous risks involved in the construction industry. Therefore, it is critical for you to ensure that your business is properly covered in case of an unexpected incident. There are multiple issues that you should consider if you are planning on buying insurance for the first time or are thinking of making some changes. One of the common issues that you must address is exclusions. There are some elements which people assume are covered by their insurance policies, but they might not be included. Read More»